Ten nights this evening, 2017

Video installation at St. Egidien Church (Nuremberg, Germany),

180 minutes, dimension: approximately 2000 x 800 cm.

A starry sky is also a map of the time: it shows the exact moment we live, neverbeing the same. It means we can count time through the positions of the stars in thesky. Ten videos show the making of ten different starry skies – each of them for a specificyear. A starry sky is constructed by punching small holes on a black surface in the video. We can see the hand working on this representation of a night sky: each holeallows the backlight to shine and simulate a star in the sky. The first sky will be from ten years ago, followed by the sky drawing of the followingyear, until we had the starry sky on the same night of the presentation at Die BlaueNachtin May 2017. Projecting a night sky on the ceiling of St. Egidien Church is a symbolic way to open up the roof. It is also a representation of time passage since each star’s configuration tells us about specific moments in History.

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Ten nights this evening, 2017

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