In Dialogues with…
On Taking the Pill, 1970 (2022)

The .insofar art gallery is proud to present António Ole’s most recent art project – In dialogue with..., which consists of a series of serigraphs, based on one of his emblematic works from the 1970s “On the Taking the Pill”, which is accompanied by an original essay by the curator Paula Nascimento written on the back.

It is a limited hand silkscreen edition 28 + 3 AP, which corresponds to 28 days that women use birth control pills and 3 days of rest.


An Annual Art Project For Public Space
launch edition 14 May – 12 July 2022

“A Malha” by Isaque Pinheiro

The .insofar art gallery proudly presents the project FACHADA under the artistic direction of Inês Valle. This annual project integrates the gallery’s programming for the public space, with the aim of challenging stereotypes and re-founding the artist-work-public correlations.

Each year, an artist will be invited to develop a project for an intervention in the gallery’s facade, as well as a curator to write a critical essay about the artwork.

The first edition of this project, with the partnership of ArtWorks, opened on the 14th of May at the gallery’s headquarters at Rua Capitão Leitão, 53, Marvila, Lisbon, with “A Malha” by artist Isaque Pinheiro accompanied by texts by João Silvério and Fábio Gomes Raposo.

“A Malha” is an installation consisting of 155 original sculptures.

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