Alvo (Target), 2019

Manual drills, MDF and acrylic paint.
185 x 120 x 42 cm
Twelve drills fixed on an MDF board where a black target was painted. The legacy of neo-dadaism permeates the work of Miguel Palma and is evident in this piece. The reimagination of a target stuck with arrows, replacing them with manual drills, translates an idea of non-objective objectives. In the art world, the complexity of the objectives empties them of a qualitative or quantitative function, in contrast to what would happen in a job whose goal is to get somewhere bigger and better. In the art world, the goals are almost divergent, multiple. In this case, the perplexity is greater due to the “arrows”: an object that wants to be light, accurate and fast, here it is replaced by a manual drill, a kind of slow-motion of the idea of something that flies towards a target .

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Alvo, 2019

Alvo (Target), 2019

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