Sowing Project, 2006

Agricultural device, metal, plastic, batteries, electrical and electronic systems, wooden box with gloves, other materials.
200 x 380 x 150 cm

This project was carried out in Vila Franca de Xira in 2006, at the same time as the exhibition The Return of the Real at the Museum of Neo-Realism. It consisted of a performance during which the artist fired seeds onto an empty plot of land using this apparatus. A video (color, sound, 5’45”) was also produced to record the process. Silkscreen prints were made from photographs of the performance, The colors evoke the camouflage uniforms worn by soldiers, mirroring the apparent brutality of the device used. Indeed, it does resemble a weapon of destruction; however, here it is decontextualized and used as a weapon of creation.

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Sowing Project, 2006

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