Volta ao mundo, 2017

Composite fibers, fabric, sponge, metals, aluminum, fan, motor, electric cable.
182 x 167 x 70 cm

This sculpture takes up one of the fundamental themes of Miguel Palma’s work: fascination with the aeronautical world. Here, two commercial aircraft seats are connected by a rotating axis that moves them in an infinite cycle. There is a clear joke with the idea popularized in Jules Verne’s novels of a world tour through the title and the turn that the chairs actually make. The rethinking of this fundamental object for the aerial transport, which would be the one that allows us to travel the globe more quickly, is reflected in the hypnotism of the piece: the chairs rotate at a constant pace of 6 turns per minute, but out of phase with each other. The noise of the tables at the backs of the chairs breaks the tension created by the imminent sensation of a possible disaster, heightened by the immediate association between the seats and passengers, and their dependence on external forces to guarantee their transport and survival.

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Volta-ao-Mundo detail

Volta ao mundo, 2017

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