o sistema

overview https://insofar.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/exposição_o_sistema_4k-1080p.mp4 04 February – 30 April 2022 O Sistema Cristiano Mangovo Curated by Katherine Sirois For this solo exhibition entitled “O sistema”, Cristiano Mangovo (Angola 1982) presents six large-format paintings dealing with the crucial topic of power. Known for his genuinely critical voice, his stand for social justice and his visual appeals for environmental […]

Momento do Museu, 2019


Deeply concerned by issues of social justice and wealth sharing, Cristiano Mangovo often addresses the contemporary world as a landscape of violence, trickery, extravagance and deceit. Momento do Museu calls for the long-due creation of a museum of contemporary arts for the Angolan capital of Luanda. While the city features a military museum, which reflects its painful and troubled history, the absence of an art museum appears as a cruel and inadmissible reality to the Angolan population and to the artistic community. While the background spectral figure of a dying soldier evokes the country’s conflicting past, the dynamic and composite inverted figure, which shows a connection with a remote sun, appears as the benefactor Angola is longing for.

Tesouro, 2017

The protector

Densely painted, the centre of the canvas offers a strong concentration of organic, linear and colourful elements, which grasp the viewer’s attention while challenging his decoding ability.
“O Tesouro” spurs a compelling and relevant reflection on the global effects of a greedy ideology based on every man for himself and on the law of the jungle. While such motto increases disparities between the tricksters and the most vulnerable by allowing massive wealth concentration, it also contributes to a detrimental spirit of competition and division.

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The protector

Tesouro, 2017