Oikonomos, 2018

In Oikomonos (2011-2018) is more evident the exploration of portraiture – anonymous or fictional bodies and identities
move through this globalized world. The artist himself poses for the camera wearing a white shirt and the head covered
by shopping bags from different locations, directing the viewer's gaze towards the wording on the bags and what they
represent. Through a combination documentary precision with poetic imagination, Edson's images invite the viewer to
decelerate from the fast-paced daily routines of busy cities and to slowly engage with and reflect on complex issues such
as the effects of globalization, on consumerism, on themes of displacement and construction of identities in this fast-
changing world.


overview https://insofar.art/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/muxima_25.mp4 17 September – 23 October 2021 Muxima: feels like earth smells like heavenEdson ChagasCurated by Inês Valle “We live in uncertain times – thankfully… In an age of uncertainty, the mind must remain active: no answer is ever the only one. What is happening now may not be so in the future and […]

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Feels like earth, smells like heaven #1 (2011-2021)