La Clase (The Class), 1996

In a bid to understand his identity, Brodsky took on a systematic investigation into his personal photographic archives. 1967 group photograph of his classmates, a deep curiosity about the fate of each person in it aroused. The encounters he had with them in his quest for truth brought forth what is now his most famous work: Buena Memoria (1996).

Being a visual essay dealing with the collective memory of the military dictatorship in Argentina (1976–1983), it bears the emotions and personal experiences of those who lived in that period, and focuses on the trauma that affected his classmates, friends, and family.

In this work, the photograph “Class Photo 1967” is drastically enlarged and meticulously shows the handwritten fate of each classmate—killed, missing, exiled, traumatised during the “Dirty War.”

text by Inês Valle

To the South (below the Equator’s line), 2015

A group of maps is folded on the Equatorial line, in a way that the northern hemisphere covers up the southern. The series is displayed aligned, shaping a sort of horizon line from this folding process. To the South (below the Equator ́s Line) refers to a vision of theworld defined from a dominant gaze, questioning the geopolitics division of the World.

Bent Continents (South America), 2019

Bent continentsis part of Marina Camargo’s series of works in which geography istransformed into flexible configurations, distancing itself from the orthogonalstructures characteristic of cartography. Africa and South America’s continents areconverted into flexible forms, establishing other geopolitical visions and representing these places.

Silobela township, Carolina. (Wooden shack), 2011

Silobela township, Carolina. (Wooden shack), 2011
Series Painting over the present (2010 – 2015)
Hahnemuhle Paper 308gsm (Cotton)

Large edition:
Edition: 5 + 2 AP
Paper size: 91.4 ×121 cm
Image size: 81 cm x 111 cm

Small edition
Edition: 3 + 2 AP
Paper size: 47 cm x 61cm
Image size: 41 cm x 55 cm

Toyi-Toyi, Thokoza (1990)

Large edition
– Prints available
Title: Toyi-Toyi, Thokoza, 1990.
Series Struggle for democracy
Archival Photo Rag Paper
Image size 53 x 80 cm
Paper size: 64 x 90 cm
Edition: 9+2AP

Small edition – SOLD OUT
Toyi-Toyi, Thokoza, 1990
Series Struggle for democracy
Archival Photo Rag Paper

Image size 34 x 52 cm
Paper size: 42 x 60 cm
Edition: 9+2AP